Quote of the Week

Tumblr has stricken again with its amazing powers of persuasion using the tools of dedicated bloggers that stay up way past their 8:30pm bedtime. And they have shown me that the way to find inspiration for quotes to blog about is right there on my dashboard. Anyway, this weeks quote comes from a man with one ear, Vincent Van Gogh. 

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together,

                     -Vincent Van Gogh

This quote helps me notice the importance in everyday life, and how doing life’s simpler things, like brushing your teeth or making your bed, can really be the instigator of something truly amazing. Like maybe if you forget to eat breakfast one day but get to school early and be productive because of it you can get into a better University because of those few extra minutes you spent just going over your notes. Maybe putting socks on one day was the reason that you realized that you needed new shoes, and you fall madly in love with the person that works at the shoe store (that example probably doesn’t even make any sense, but it is still partially valid to my point. I think.) Maybe bruising your teeth after you eat breakfast and when you wake up has helped you to prevent cavities for the rest of your life and you won’t have to spend as much time at the dentist.

All the seemingly insignificant moments in life can lead to the greatest moment of ones life and furthermore prove that the beauty of life lies in the details. Not in the grandeur of moments, but the small moment just to the side of it, like a train coming to the stops. You have time to think before you depart the train, time to recognize beauty and the amazing grace of everyday life, but the second you step off the train your eyes are flooded with noise, eyes swarmed with light, and mind swallowed in thought.

I hope that you all see this quote as I do, because I think it is absolutely beautiful.

Keep on designing your own catastrophe…



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