The Maze Runner: What Should We Expect?

*If you have not yet read the book I would advise you to read the book and then this post, as it does contain spoilers.*

Well the answer to the question above I hope is to be amazed by Dylan O’Brien and the rest of the cast. But I am curious about a few things that I thought I should voice and discover if you guys were also wondering about them…

For Starters, how is this telepathy thing going to work out. I know that they aren’t going to show it in the movie or try to incorporate it, but will that harm the storyline. And if they are going to make the rest of the books movies how will they hide the fact that it was a significant detail in the storyline.

Also, how are they going to depict the grievers?

And how is the hole that they jump into going to be shown?

How is the building that they eat going to be shown? And will the food look as good as they say it tastes?

And how will they show the building in which they sleep? As much of a mess as I think it will be?

Anyway, hope you all are as curious about these questions as I am and just can’t wait until we can see the movie! Only a few more days guys! Tell me all about what you want to know happens and how excited you are to see the movie in the comments!

Keep on designing your own catastrophe…




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