Best and Worst Couples in Literature

Let’s be honest with ourselves today, we all have those couples in books that you absolutely hate, but continue to try and support them just to finish off the book or book series. And I am here today, fingers hitting the keyboard with a passionate ferocity, to tell you all some of the best and worst fictional couples in literature.

Worst: Edward Cullen and Bella Swan


Bella was so dependant on Edward it was frankly quite scary. And her attempt to kill herself numerous times screams that instead of this being love it was in fact, infatuation, the type of Romeo and Juliet love that ends up leading to suicide in their case and idiocy in many others.


Daemon and Katy


They were literally just so cute throughout the books I have read so far and recognize the issues with their relationship and see to it that the other knows the flaws in their love for each other. And how can you not like Daemon Black, like seriously?


Romeo and Juliet


Although a beautiful story, Romeo and Juliet were too naive and young for the type of love they thought they had. And in my opinion, it was not love at all, but infatuation. They killed themselves for each other just days into knowing each other and got married quicker than that. They were rash in their decisions and they paid the price for it later .


Katniss and Peeta


Although not my favourite series, Katniss and Peeta in the Hunger Games trilogy are one of my favourite sets of literary couples. They fell in love in the most unlikely of circumstances and showed that love can overcome so many obstacles, like going crazy and hating your future spouse for months at a time.

Anyway, I hope you all agree with my choices in some of the best and worst couples in literature, and I will probably do an updated one of these posts in a few months to see how my opinions change!

Keep on designing your own catastrophe…



2 thoughts on “Best and Worst Couples in Literature

  1. You should read The Energy Crusaders by Valerie Noble. I’m curious to see what you would think of the relationship between the two main characters. The book itself needs some work (editing stuff) but I’ve become a little obsessed πŸ™‚ You have me thinking about my fav relationships now too … you may see a response post to this soon :p

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