Quote of the Week

You can yet again thank the workings of Tumblr for this post, that and my Classical Civilizations Course that got me interested in the person accredited with creating this quote.

” A Room without books is like a body without a soul,”


This quote I find particularly interesting because Cicero is not best known for his writing, although he was passionate about it during times of his life. But he is most widely known for his oration skills and cases that he took on during his law practice. Along with the Philippic Orations, which is a collection of 14 speeches that he used to speak out against Mark Antony to show and prove his distaste toward the man.

But I will stop going on about Cicero because I will basically end up re-wording my whole speech on him if I let myself, and I am sure you guys aren’t too interested in learning about Cicero and his life in roughly 2,300 words [but if you are let me know :)].

Anyway, this quote I find so true, not only do books add personality and warmth to a room, they also bring a whole other element to a space unparalleled by any other piece of furnishing. The books bring a story, literally. And when one walks into a room they can identify with the story on an emotional level, something a coffee table usually doesn’t offer. Books also allow people to display what they have read through, be it good, bad or ugly. Books are the life of a room to many bibliophiles in many senses, those who love books want to furnish their houses with them and bury themselves in their bountiful pages. Books bring happiness, sadness, humility, and many other descriptive words to a room. That of which I will also refrain myself from writing because I will find myself in a thesaurus for a month if I do so.

Anyway, books in general are just delightful things that can be used to express ones personality and truly display ones literary identity.

Anyway, fellow bibliophiles, keep on being amazing, and designing your own catastrophe (but you already knew that)…



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