Back to School – Fangirl Style

*Disclaimer* This post is filled with Sarcasm, please take this seriously at your own risk.Β 

Just because you are going back to school doesn’t mean you can’t still remain in close contact with your favourite fictional friends, and millions of tear stained pages that lay scattered amongst your floor. Here are some ways that you can bring your nerdiness with you everywhere you go.

1. Wear your fandom T-Shirts underneath your uniform, or if you don’t have a uniform wear them loud and proud!

2. Instead of putting educational books in your book bag or backpack, fill it with fictional novels. Let Cassandra Clare and John Green educate for a while.

3. Lockers have shelves for a reason; fill them with all your favourite YA novels.

4. If you can see the paint cover on the door of your locker, you are doing it wrong. Cover the door with fandom posters and quotes that will keep you inspired all day long.

5. Draw Harry Potter’s scar on your forehead and walk around pretending the staircases have moved. Then because they have moved you have a hard time finding your classes you are often late or just can’t find it.

6. Instead of texting during class, try Owl Mail. It’s a much classier and educated way of communication, and your Outdoor Studies teacher will be sure to give you bonus marks!

7. Put signs over all the water fountains saying “Property of Poseidon. Drink at your own risk.”

8. Only ever have any of your textbooks open to page 394.

9. Instead of taking a bus to school, try Hippogriff, the Hogwarts Express, Flying Car, Floo Powder, etc.

10. Try and stay away from the First Floor Girls bathroom, Moaning Myrtle may just flush your homework.

11. Keep a wide distance from Muggles in the hallway, you don’t want them realizing your true form.

12. If a teacher asks where you were this morning (because you were late for class or other reasons) tell them that you just got back from Middle Earth, Camp Half Blood, Narnia, Hogwarts, Panem, or other fandom-related locations.

13. Never open a howler in the Cafeteria.

14. Put SPEW signs up all over your school to protest the treatment of House Elves.

15. Only buy your school supplies at Diagon Alley.

Do anything else that may further prove your fangirl-ridden ways!

Anyway, keep on designing your own catastrophe…



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