EBooks VS Real Books

The dreaded question that always comes up in any daily book nerds discussions. Ebooks or real books? I am here to break down the pros and cons of each and then you can decide for yourself!

Ebooks – Pros

  • Super lightweight! You can bring millions of books with you on your tiny tablet or ereader without having to worry about weight or space! And all those books are smaller than just one regular book!
  • Read in the dark! With the ebook you can read into the late hours of the night without parents or roommates bugging you to turn off the light!
  • Access books right away! When a book comes out you can get it right away without having to wait until stores are open or until your book is shipped to you!
  • Easier to read! The ebook is very easy to read because it is smaller and faster to turn the pages. You can read on your side without having to pick the book up to read both pages!
  • Ebooks are (normally) cheaper! If you burn through books like it ain’t a thang than the ebook is perfect for getting books that are way cheaper than the 20$ hardcovers at your local book store.

Ebooks – Cons

  • Battery Powered. You have to constantly check to make sure you have enough battery power left to continue reading. Or you have to stay near the charger!
  • High Risk. A tablet is a lot more expensive than a book and can’t be brought everywhere without the risk of dropping it in water, or getting it dirty or just breaking it in general!
  • Glare. If you have a iPad or a non ereader screen you can’t read outside because you can’t see the screen!
  • You don’t own an actual copy.

Real Books – ProsΒ 

  • Have wonderful covers that you can proudly display on your shelf for everyone to look at!
  • Real books you can pet, smell and hold!
  • They never run out of battery and are always ready to read!
  • You can read anywhere without worrying about damaging the book or not being able to see (except at night)
  • When you are reading a real book in public people will come up and talk to you about the book because they can see the cover! It’s always fun to make new book friends!
  • To purchase a book you get to make the amazing trip to your local bookstore and get to stare at books for long periods of time!

Real Book – Cons

  • Are expensive! In Canada books can cost up to $3 more than they are in the states! Therefore you can buy less books.
  • It is difficult to bring more than one real book with you on vacations and to other places because of weight and space.
  • Hard to read while doing other things! Books never stay open! You have to put something on corners of the pages so it is hard to multi task while reading!
  • You need a fairly good light source to read which means you have the possibility of being told to go to sleep by your family and friends when you are hunched over a book with a lamp light at 2 in the morning.

And there you have it! Ebooks and Real Books! Personally I like real books. I love to display them on my shelf and the are easier to go back and reread. But I love being able to use my ebook on long vacations where I know I don’t have the room to bring an actual book (although sometimes I still try).

Which do you enjoy better? Is there a pro or con that I forgot to mention? Β Let me know!!

Keep on Reading….

Jordan πŸ™‚



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