Cover Review: The Newsboy by Chris Stocking

As many of you know, we previously reviewed The Rotten Apple by Chris Stocking. We both enjoyed the book and I would encourage you to check it out and read our reviews (linked above). Chris asked us to reveal to you the cover for his newest novella! So we decided to review the cover to his upcoming novella, The Newsboy, let us commence with the Cover Review…


I Know about the Novella so Far:

– It is set in the 1950’s, in Chicago

– Follows the story of a Newsboy

– Possibly launching in December or Early Next Year


The cover intrigues me and shows me a depth in the children’s eyes that you normally don’t see exemplified in a young child’s emotions. It looks like they are innocent enough, but that also have a darkness to them that can’t be undone. The children smoking cigarettes hint at the fact that maybe they were forced to grow up too fast and were exposed to too harsh of conditions at an age much to young. It shows that life isn’t always rose petals and cake walks, that you actually have to work and endure through the rough to get to the better. Also even the body language of the children makes me question the way they were raised, like why are they so keen to look like adults, why do they want to skip out on their youth and forget the time of their life that they will be pining for later? I am excited to see when this Novella will release and read another work of Chris Stocking!


Seeing this cover reveal for Chris Stockings The Newsboy really makes me question everything about the past. I don’t know much about the 1950’s so I really have no idea how people lived back then but I am assuming that people did not make enough money especially if you live in a huge city like Chicago. So far I have loved all of Chris Stockings covers and this is not an exception! I think it’s very simple but also saying so much at the same time. The cover looks old and reminds me of some stories I have read about the depression so I am thinking that money will play a big factor on this book. The boys must be the people delivering the newspapers but why are they smoking? Maybe they live on the streets so that had a bad childhood? I am very curious to see how this story is told, maybe from the children’s point of view or even the owner of the newspaper? No matter how it’s written I am very excited to read more of Chris’ work and I highly encourage you to check out his work!


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