Book Review: Origin by Jennifer L. Armentrout

This book was one the captivated my attention within 2 short chapters and seemingly flew by with a vicious ferocity for words and the ability to enthral a reader in its paranormal grasp. Daemon is an amazing character (not to mention swoon-worthy) as well as sarcastic, witty and evil in his own sense. Katy is sarcastic, witty, strong and altogether an amazing character. But these characters adapt so thoroughly throughout this novel and tell a story that is one for this generation of fangirls. Katy relates so well to the targeted audience – a book blogger and super fangirl with a heady attraction to the hottest boy in town, or the entire state, you never know!

This book draws in its readers and thrusts the a society of aliens living on earth in their face and the reader will willingly accept as well as believe in the story while chasing the end of the page. This books drew me in and took hold of my mind until I finished it. I hope you all decide to read it as well!



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