Cover Review: Stolen by Lucy Christopher

This book has piqued my interest for months, but it is still sitting in the drawers of my bed stand begging to be read. And because of that I have thought that maybe writing a book review on it would be a good idea considering that if I write this I have more of an inclination to read it, anyway lets get on with the review.

The cover looks vicious all around the edges, but the butterfly tells a different story.

It looks like the horrible thing that happens to her (being kidnapped), turns into something possibly good.

This cover depicts the feelings of the main character in my opinion and shows us that she can continue to live through her traumatic experience. Possibly?

Speaking from the reviews I have read it seems that way, or at least she thinks she is happy but truly she has a mental disorder from the traumatic experience. I think this book will really delve into the idealisms of human identity and the way our brains work to establish our emotions and evoke a response. I have high expectations for this book, and hope for them to be fulfilled while reading this book.


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