Quote of the Week: Bookworms

Only the very weak-minded refuse to be influenced by literature and poetry. – Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Angel

Bookworms. I hate that term to be perfectly honest. Worms eat everything in their path and are gross. Why do people now consider reading to be a gross hobby? Literature is something that brings this world together and without words we would have nothing. No culture, no background, no history. Yet I constantly get asked why I read so much and I know I am judged for be such a “bookworm.”

Reading enhances the mind and allows you to be imaginative. It gives you the chance to go into a different world filled with magic, zombies, love, angels and demons. Why live only one live when I could live thousands by reading? You will never be as connected to a Movie or TV series (except maybe Superwholock) as you will a book because watching something takes no effort. And I’m not saying that reading is a chore but you do have to commit yourself to read that 300-400 pages. Thats at least 6-8 hours of your time that you are reading about these characters.

So we are back to the term Bookworms. Sure we readers consume books in mass quantities but that doesn’t mean we deserve such a terrible nickname. I prefer the term booknerds. People who read books know the books and therefore are like comic book nerds. We know every detail, every back story and we aren’t afraid to tell the world.

Keep on reading….

Jordan πŸ™‚


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