If I Stay Movie Review

blogger-image--1164319805Today I went and saw If I Stay. The movie is based of the best selling novel by Gayle Forman and features the famous and talented actress Chloe Grace Moretz. I read the book this week and I was very impressed by Gayle’s style of writing as well as the book itself, so heading into the theatre today I was expecting the movie to be close to the book. I was not disappointed. The movie starts off just like the book and although it does add some stuff it makes the story more understandable to people who haven’t read the book. Chloe immediately impressed me by how easily she portrayed the character Mia and I am still blown away by how amazing of an actress she is at such a young age. By casting people that are the same age as the characters they played really made the movie better and more relatable.

Adam, played by Jamie Blackley, exceeded my expectations! Adam is a very complicated character to play and I was blown away by how easy Jamie made it look! The chemistry and the emotion between Mia and Adam was so real and very heartfelt. The movie was also very funny, just like in the book, but also very serious. The memories shown were spot on, and the screenplay was almost exact. Trust me on this considering I just finished the book a few days ago.

The score was brilliant! It fit perfectly with the movie and was just enough of classical music and rock and roll to suit everyones taste. I am so happy about the score because music is this entire book and being able to feel Mia play and rock out to Adam really helped bring the movie together! Sometimes I found that when the switched into certain memories it was kind of awkward but they still managed to get their point across and bring tears to my eyes!

If you have read the book, you know the ending. The ending was exactly the same as in the book but everyone in the theatre (I know they all read the book too) sat in silence while watching the credits role because we were still stunned. I knew what was happening and I was still crying! Its like The Fault in Our Stars all over again!

I highly suggest you read this book and then rush over and see the movie as soon as you can! You will not be disappointed! Definitely one of the closest book-to-movie adaptations I have seen in a very long time!

What did you think of the movie? Did it live up to your expectations? Let us know!



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