Book Review: The Rotten Apple by Chris Stocking

Here is a quick summary of the book:

New York City, 1950 – Detective Naomi Blake sits in her office, craving a cigarette. Her phone rings. Mark Falco, owner of Falco Corporation, is in interrogation room one. Falco Corp. trucks have been spotted making late-night deliveries to an out-of-business warehouse, and the NYPD wants answers. Mark lawyers his way out. As always.

A woman comes in to the station. Says her husband is missing, possibly kidnapped. Before she can say by whom, a mysterious man bursts through the doors and sinks three slugs into her head, then vanishes. Even picks up the shell casings. The work of a professional.

Suspicious activity by Falco Corp., a missing husband, and a murdered woman. Three separate events? Or a concoction so vile it could mean the end of peace and justice in New York City?

That is from The Rotten Apple page on Goodreads.

Anyway, lets get on with the Dual-Review!


This book surprised me in a good way. And I have to say the fact that it surprised me surprised me. I was excited to start reading this book but I found the first 25% of the novel a bit dry and it took me a while to get into it,  but after that I was hooked! I ended up reading the majority of the book in one day after I got really into it! There was something exciting going on all the time, a new twist and turn every page. The intensity of the book startled me at first, but then I realized that it was what made the book good. I gave it 3-stars on Goodreads because it is not my favourite book, but I would definitely tell people to check it out if this is the type  of genre they normally enjoy. I have to say that I have not read too many books set in the 1950’s, nor do I consider myself well-educated about that time period, so I found it a bit strange to be reading a book set in it. But after understanding the setting of the story I was hooked! I especially enjoyed the ending seeing as it was not at all what I was expecting, and that made the story better than I had expected and more than I had hoped for. Anyway, I shall let Jordan get on with her review seeing as I hope not to keep you guys here reading this post forever, but definitely go and check out Chris Stocking and The Rotten Apple…


Going into this book I was not sure what I was expecting, but Chris Stocking’s The Rotten Apple definitely surprised me in a good way! I would have to agree with Hannah and say that the beginning was a bit difficult to get into but after that I was sucked right into a world of violence, betrayal and surprisingly, love. There was constantly action and a twist after every turn. The book constantly reminded me of a CSI kind of tv show which I think is why I liked it as much as I did! I felt like I was watching the book instead of reading it which only happens, for me, to very descriptive and well-written books. I have never read a book from the perspective of a cop, let alone a female cop in the 1950s, so it was so interesting to read about how women were treated back then, compared to now. The last few chapters had me guessing (I was normally wrong) and questioning everything, especially my own local police! I loved the characters, Naomi was a very intense character but also had some flaws, which I believe made the book more realistic especially since I find this book was based off of human flaws in our time. I also gave it a 3-star review on Goodreads, even though if I could I would give it closer to a 4. This is because it was not my favourite book of all-time but it still kept me entertained and I enjoyed reading it, which is all I ask for in a book. I can’t wait to read more of Chris Stockings books! I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a quick read that is filled with fast-paced action and mystery.

This book was given to us in exchange for an honest review.


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