Quote of the Week

Yet again, Oscar Wilde has spiked my imagination and ability to comprehend my thoughts and turn them into words. This week with a quote that pertains specifically to the nature of teenagers and their ability to learn from past mistakes with addressing the issue.

“Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes”

                          – Oscar Wilde

This quote helps me realize that often making mistakes can be a good thing, it shows us that we are to learn from what we do wrong and use that to help us in the future. Being a teenager I understand that I (as well as others) make mistakes daily, and then we reprimand ourselves and force ourselves to apologize and overthink our discrepancy until we leave ourselves feeling worse than we should. That is what I do at least. And to learn that those mistakes are what will lead us (hopefully) to wisdom later in life is quite a comforting thought. Also the ability of one to recognize their faults and turn it into good thing is something that I believe we should all strive for. To be truly content with ones choices we must first be able to recognize that our mistakes can be good, if we use them for good rather than bad.

Anyway, pardon me for rambling on and taking up your time that could otherwise be spent reading.

Keep on designing your own catastrophe…



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