Book Review: Room by Emma Donoghue

This book has left me emotionally scarred and disturbed, but there is no denying the literary masterpiece that is Room.

Emma Donoghue really embodied what Jack was and how he thought, although the type of narration could be confusing, it worked so beautifully with a story that is so dark. I would compare the type of narration of this book to that of To Kill a Mockingbird, both told through the eyes of someone so young and innocent, and yet the story can be so dark that they don’t quite understand what was going on. This book was written with such passion that I believed myself to be someone in the story, a silent bystander if you can say. I read this while in Italy and my roommate, Melanie, was once asking what I was reading so I gave her a description and she almost started crying, although she has never even read the book. The sad part is that there are many similar stories to what happened to Jack but are a reality, and it just makes you realize how horrible humanity really is.

The most surprising part of this book for me was that Jack was unaware of the motives behind a lot of what Ma was doing, and being the reader you were able to tell what really was happening. That was one of the saddest parts for me. Being someone that doesn’t normally cry during books, this book brought me to the brink of tears for a lot of it, and if I was not in a bus filled with many other teenagers I very well may have cried.

I would encourage all those brave enough to read this book to try, it is a book that I am very happy to have said that I have read, but at the same time I almost never have wanted this story to have graced the pages of my mind.

This book may be beautiful in essence because of the story of Jack and his Ma, but at the same time it is dark and sad and scary and downright terrifying. This book may very well be one of my favourites, and it taught me so much about writing, and yet I look back on myself reading it and I have never really understood why I decided to read it in the first place.

I hope that you all find it in yourself to read this book, because it truly is amazing. Just have a very happy book series ready to read next, because your mind will need a vacation.

Here is the link to buy it on Amazon…

And the link to buy it from Chapters/Indigo…

Keep on designing your own catastrophe…




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