My Definition of a Five-Star Review

My Definition of a Five Star Review:

Okay, so a while back Jordan was asking why I only gave a book that I told her I enjoyed 3 stars on Goodreads, and then I explained to her my reading categorization and how I identify which books I liked and didn’t like using the 5-star system. And then I thought, if any of you click the link to my Goodreads you may also not understand why I gave a book that I gave a good review to only 3 or 4 stars, so I decided to tell you along, just as I did with Jordan, how I rate my books.

1 Star = An absolutely atrocious book. If I give a book one star that means that it was/is absolutely horrible and I hope no other human being ever has to set their eyes on the monstrosity of literature. It is a book that I believe has no hope and doing so I hope that I don’t ever look at again. A book with a ranking of one star is one that I never again hope to think about, but will rant relentlessly, so I basically contradicted myself in the last statement.

2 Stars = A book that has some good moments but was not captivating in the least and lacked the dimension and structure that should be found in every good piece of literature. A book with a ranking of 2 stars means that I wouldn’t recommend it, but at the same time I wouldn’t speak too harshly of it. This is a book that just cannot hold my attention and is not written the best way, but still has some good moments, but not enough to redeem itself.

3 Stars = Are normally books that I enjoy and would recommend to others, they just don’t give me the ‘WOW’ factor that I hope to see in novels. Normally easy, unchallenging reads become classified as 3 stars because they don’t offer the dimension and think fabrication of amazing novels. Books with 3 starts are good in their own right, they just have a countable number of moments in the story that I did not enjoy or did not quite understand what the author meant by them.

4 Stars = A book that I would recommend to people easily and is generally very good, it just has a few issues with the plot or character development. It would often be categorized as a book I enjoy and would recommend, they just aren’t my absolute favourite novels. They have good amounts of dimension and have a thick storyline supported with literary evidence, just not to convince me of its greatness.

5 Stars = A book that I would marry if given the chance. A five star review means that the book blew my socks off and I would recommend and buy the book for others to read. A five star book falls under the category of absolutely amazing storyline and, in my opinion, is worthy of being hailed into the book hall of fame. This type of book has a flawless execution and has such a strong storyline and character development throughout. It is captivating, challenging, and overall just amazing with little to no flaws in the writing or story.

I hope that you guys enjoyed getting to see how I classify books, and please feel free to let me know your ranking system in the comments!

Keep designing your own catastrophe…



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