Series Review: The Selection Trilogy by Keira Cass

The Selection Trilogy was a much needed breath of fresh air after just finishing Room by Emma Donoghue, which I plan to do a book review on soon, I pinky swear! It was lighthearted most of the time and was a lovely contrast to Room which is a very dark novel. The Selection Trilogy was amazing because of the fact that America was such a rebel in her own right, and although she was always afraid of being in the spotlight she put herself there by being what everybody else needed, a heroine. She was able to stand up for what she thought was right and just and thought little about the repercussions of it until after she finished speaking her mind. She was able to create hope in a society that had it in scarce resources and really listened to her moral compass.

She is the type of character I wish to be in real life.

The Selection Trilogy was great because of the fact that it started off as a love story for the ages, and then it evolved into so much more, she became an idol for all the people of Illeร  and really worked on her temper and attitude although it usually did good things for her instead of bad. And can we just pause a minute for the literary prince that is Maxon. I was rooting for him throughout the trilogy. And I refuse to tell you the ending to any of the books, so don’t even try to bring it out of me. Aspen is amazing in his own right, but he did not compare to Maxon in any of the ways that he should. America was daring and a fireball, while Aspen was always the knight in shining armour and the hero, and Maxon, ever gorgeous, was a gentlemen but had a temper nonetheless.

This series is great if you need a break from all the dark and deeply emotionally disturbing books that you seem drawn to like white on rice. And it really lets you enjoy a book series rather than waiting for something disturbing to happen on the next page and send your soul crashing into a million little pieces.

And here are the covers, because they are just so pretty…

Keep designing your own catastrophe…



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