Quote of the Week: Books

Well I’m back form Italy as Hannah said in the last post and I’m here with the quote of the week!

No two persons ever read the same book. -Edmund Wilson

Coming back from a long trip without sleeping in my own bed was amazing, but the greatest part was getting to have all my books in front of me once again. So I figured a book quote would be the most fitting for what I’m feeling right now.

Reading is amazing because no one pictures a character, a scene, an action the same as someone else making it uniquely their own book. A book is a place where you can escape into a world full of love, friendship, heartbreak, and suffering (good and bad). Pretty much just an emotional experience filled with feels. For these reasons I find it confusing to hear people say they don’t like to read. Sure watching a movie or a tv show is very entertaining, but without literature where would the world be today?

Every word is made out of letters, and all those words put together makes a story, and in that story each person can find a little bit of themselves woven in through the words, thoughts, and feelings.

I hope that everyone has at least one book that they cherish and will continue to cherish their entire lives. No matter if you are an avid reader or you straight out can’t stand reading, everyone should have at least one book that they hold dear to them.

What book (or books) do you hold close to your heart? Let me know in the comments below!

Keep on reading….

Jordan πŸ™‚


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