Quote of the Week

This week I bring to you… (drumroll please)

Yet another Leonardo da Vinci quote! I know you all must be thrilled, but please be patient with me, I am working on my creativity I swear. (Totally not)

Anyway, this weeks quote is…

“Blinding ignorance does mislead us. O! Wretched mortals, open your eyes!”

                      -Leonardo da Vinci


This quote, in my opinion, speaks of the true nature of the human being and how they like to lead themselves into situations of which they have no prior knowledge and then they get themselves into a disaster and realize that they were foolish and ridiculous to think themselves above the situation they were going into. I mainly chose this quote because I have been studying Mythology in school, and I just did a presentation on Orpheus and Eurydice the myth.

Orpheus, when trying to retrieve Eurydice from the pits of Hades, went in with no past knowledge of what that would have been down there, or what the experience would have been like. In this he was foolish, and if you know the myth, his whole ‘plan’ thing did not work out so well.

Anyway, so I think that the moral of this myth is to gain knowledge before you pursue. And not be scared to gain knowledge of experiences that you should be learning from.



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