Book Sacrifice Tag!

A very popular tag in the world of Booktubers is called the Book Sacrifice Tag. However, since I don’t have a booktube channel I decided to do it on here.

So the Sacrifice Tag is different situations and you have to pick which book that fits the category given that you would sacrifice. Pretty much the books you really disliked or were disappointed in them. Oh and if I bash a book that you love, tell me why, I want to know what you think! Let’s get started!

1) An Over-Hyped Book: Let’s start this off with a Zombie Apocalypse! Let’s say you’re in a book store, just browsing, when BAM! ZOMBIE ATTACK. An announcement comes over the PA System saying that the military has discovered that the zombies’ only weakness is over-hyped books. What book that everyone else says is amazing but you really hated do you start chucking at the zombies knowing that it will count as an over-hyped book and successfully wipe them out?!

Answer:  Twilight by Stephanie Myers

Where do I even start with this series. I have not read them, I tried to read the first one and I only got to the 3rd chapter before I had to stop. Bella complained all the time and was such a weak character that needed Edward to survive. People should trust themselves and learn how to be there own person not follow someone else. It was just a poorly written book and I just can’t bring myself to try and read it again because it is just so…well unpopular now. I haven’t even watch the movies thats how determined I am not to get into this series. I just can’t.
2) A Sequel: Let’s say you’ve just left the salon with a SMASHING new haircut and BOOM: Torrential downpour. What sequel are you willing to use as an umbrella to protect yourself?

Answer: Allegiant by Veronica Roth

Divergent is one of my favourite series. I read Divergent and Insurgent in 3 days and was so excited to see how it would end. I am sad to say that I am very disappointed with the ending. It was so poorly written compared to her other books and to be honest other than the ending, nothing really that exciting happened. It seems like she felt rushed to complete the book so she just threw something together and then published it. The outer world was confusing and just kind of thrown into the mix of the plot. And the whole Genetically Damaged and Genetically Pure thing was just stupid. To be Divergent but not at the same time? It makes no sense whatsoever. Also, I could never tell who’s POV I was reading from. Tobias was supposed to be this really closed of character so I was excited to read from his thoughts but he thought like a girl! It ruined my image of him! Many times I had to flip back to the beginning of the chapter I was reading multiple times to check and see who’s thoughts I was reading. It was just an all around disappointment and this book has made me appreciate Mocking Jay on a whole new level.

3) A Classic: Let’s say you’re in a lecture and your English teacher is going on and on about how this classic changed the world, how it revolutionized literature and you get so sick of it that you chuck the classic right at his face because you know what? This classic is stupid and it’s worth detention just to show everyone how you feel! What Classic did you chuck?

Answer: Lord of the Flies

This book……dear god. I hated it sooooo much! We had to read it in school this year and I literally wanted to throw the book at my teachers face. The writing style was confusing so I never knew what was happening and the chapters were long and uneventful. Maybe if I didn’t have to read it for school I would have appreciated it more than I did but I highly doubt it. I feel asleep multiple times while reading this book and would zone out for whole chapters just reading the pages but not taking anything in. It was just sooooo boring!
4) Your Least Favourite Book of Life!: Let’s say that you’re hanging out at the library when BAM global warming explodes and the world outside becomes a frozen wasteland. You’re trapped and your only chance for survival is to burn a book. What is the book you first run to, your least favourite book of all life, what book do you not fully regret lighting?

Answer: 39 Clues

Okay so technically my least favourite book is still Lord of the Flies but if I had to pick a different one, I would pick the 39 clues series. I got the first one when it came out cause it looked really cool and the whole online cards thing was sick! However the books were dry and were always very confusing. I only ended up read the first 2 cause I couldn’t get through the 3rd one but somehow I ended up owning at least 9 of the books. It was hard to read as well because the authors changed every book so sometimes things wouldn’t match up or the characters personalities or thoughts would change. The books are for younger kids so I haven’t tried to read them again, and I probably never will. I would have no problem burning these books.

Well there you have it, my most hated books. Once again these are just my opinion, if you liked the book then let me know why. Maybe you look at it a different way than I do.  I tag all of you to do this tag and then let me know when you did it! I can’t wait to see what you guys chose as your most hated books of all time.

Keep on reading….

Jordan 🙂


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