Book Review: Alexandria of Africa

As many of you are probably aware of, I recently did a Cover Review on the amazingly written Alexandria of Africa by Eric Walters. And then right after I wrote that, I read the book, and now here I am. Sitting in a hotel lobby in Ortona and typing away like a mad woman!

Some Spoilers in this Review, so be warned!

Alexandria of Africa was an inspirational story about a teenage brat. Alexandria has grown up in the rich suburbs and is used to every one of wishes, whims and flings to be fulfilled. She is not used to hard work or punishment. So when the Judge tells her she can either spend a lengthy period of time in a jail cell or at a camp in Africa helping the charity there build a school.

She chooses the one that does not involve an Orange Jumpsuit.

In this decision she realizes that they don’t have an unlimited supply or hot running water, and the local people have to share a watering hole, which they walk 20 miles to each day, with animals of all sorts. Lions included. She ends up realizing that she is very privileged and makes some drastic life changes.

And the most exciting part: Behind all that makeup and designer brands, she is a Star Trek Nerd.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone and anyone who wants a read that is short, but still teaches you a lesson. Especially one told through the eyes of a once bratty 16 year old.

Live long and prosper…


(Did you get my joke there, I know it’s lame, but still!)

And if you want to know something super cool, the charity in the book is modelled after Free the Children!

And Eric Walters is a Canadian Author, so you know, I got excited.

And my book is a signed copy, which I found at chapters! What!



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