Cover Review: Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

Since the last book of the Shiver series came out just a week ago, I decided to do a “judge the book by its cover session” with the first book in this series.

I have a kobo and I bought this book over two years ago when it was on sale. I still haven’t read it because some people have told me they hate it while some say its their favourite book series out there. Hopefully its the latter, but because of this I have been reluctant to give it a try.

There are two versions of the Shiver cover, both very similar which confuses me about why they decided to change it. Personally I think both covers look fine and I can’t see a solid reason as to why they changed them. Changing them is just a pain for the author and the reader. They need to all match!


The covers in the series are separated by colour, started off with a light blue and ending with a fiery orange on the new book Sinner. I think this represents the darkness or the danger in the novels that grows throughout the series. Sinner is not actually a full novel but it did come out in book form not just an ebook novella. The trees on both the covers are kind of creepy making me think that something dangerous lies in whatever forest they are near. Maybe like the forbidden forest in Harry Potter?

In the first covers, the trees go from broken and dying to new and thriving. I think this might be because the characters have grown as people and know more knowledge than they knew before. Β The boy and girl a boy shown in the covers, as well as the wolf. However they are featured more in the second ones than in the first. I think that the people in each cover tell the story in a way that only someone who has read the books will ever understand.

I hope to one day read this series but I have so many books to read and I’m in Italy all month so not a lot of time to read. Hannah and I are having a great time btw, I was up at 6 to do homework which is really midnight where I’m from so people are messaging me and they haven’t even slept yet. I was doing work until 2am so I am living off four hours of sleep right now…but I’m over it.

Keep on reading, (sorry for us not posting much, the wifi is sketchy)

Jordan πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Cover Review: Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

  1. Cover reviews? I have never seen this done before but it actually a pretty good idea. You should also review how much the cover actually relates to the story (whether the associated feelings and also presented in the book) I think this is a good idea though.

    • Thanks! We decided to actually judge a book by its cover before we read it to see how close or far off we were from how the book is going to be. And that’s a good idea but since we haven’t read the book while writing the cover review we try to write an actually review after reading the book and then refer back to our thoughts in our cover review. Thanks for the reviews!

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