Book Review: The Program by Suzanne Young

If it’s meant to be, you’ll find each other again.

Β *This review is spoiler free *

(If you want to see what my thoughts were before I read this book, check out my cover review here)

Mental health is a huge issue in our world today. With more and more people, the majority being teenagers falling into depression or developing other mental disabilities it only make sense that eventually someone will take this issue to the extreme. The woman to do this was Suzanne Young. The Program is about teenagers living through a suicide epidemic and if you show any signs of depression or suicidal thoughts they will put you in The Program where you’re memories are wiped and you forget your pain.

Sloane is a very fragile girl who has had many people lost to suicide and depression, or even worse, the program. James, her boyfriend, is determined to keep himself and her out of The Program until the reach 18. When they reach 18 the government deems you old enough to make the decision on whether you want to kill yourself or not. After all, “suicide in contagious.”

This book had me hooked from the first chapter. There was constant pain and suffering that Suzanne portrayed perfectly allowing the reader to feel like there were actually living in this epidemic. Many times I felt depressed myself just reading about what was happening to these characters. The book seems frighteningly real which makes me think that if suicide did reach a dangerous high in teens, the government would probably resource to something like the program.

The love story was backwards and unique, I loved reading about the love story between Sloane and James after what they have been through. It put a unique twist on a classic love story that make it different than the other dystopian books out there. I can’t wait to read The Treatment to find out what happens to these characters and the world Suzanne has created. The Program definitely exceeded my expectations and I would recommend to anyone!

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Jordan πŸ™‚


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