International Fangirl Day!

According to twitter it is International Fangirl Day! Yippee! A day when they acknowledge that there are crazy fangirls out there who obsess over boys, books, and bands. I’m surprised this day actually exists because most people are scared to approach fangirls, especially when they are emotionally unstable, which, let’s face it, is about 95% of the time. We are either really happy or really sad. Theres not a lot of in between.

To celebrate this amazing day dedicated to us fangirls I decided to put in this post that is widely popular on tumblr and makes any reader smile….

Fangirling isn’t just a hobby, its a way of life! So go live you’re life by reading about someone else’s, because someone who reads books lives a thousand lives while a man who has never read only lives one.

Keep Fangirling


Jordan 🙂



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