Teen Wolf: Season 4 Premiere

Teen Wolf is coming back on Monday June 23rd, and I couldn’t be more excited about the start of another season of this great show. But after season 3b’s epic finale, what will come next? Here are some Crackpot Theories and Rumours that have been circulating the fandom!

Okay, so everyone saw how Alison’s aunt looked at the end of the final episode, and everyone is wondering what is going on because we thought she died a long time ago, but doing some searching on the internet, people seem to think that she is now a “Werejaguar”. I can’t say that it is impossible, because Malia is a “Werecoyote”, but that is crazy! Although I wouldn’t be surprised if they brought another supernatural creature into the mix after the Canima with Jackson and the Kitsune and Nogitsune in season 3b. And while on the topic of Nogitsune, I just want to thank the Gods of Teen Wolf that we have Stiles back, I’m sure that we were all worried about him while he was being possessed and even afterward. Also after reading some of what Jeff Davis had to say about the upcoming season (see here), I think that the group will have many ‘human’ problems to face, and not just those of the supernatural world. Especially after the death of Alison. I can only hope that this season will be as epic as the last 3! Anyway, to finish this post off I shall insert the clip of the Season 4 Promo, which is cryptic (as always) but intriguing. Can’t wait until the premiere!

Until next time, continue to design your own catastrophe’s…



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