Attack of the Fandoms: Top 10 Fictional Couples

Fictional Couples, known as “ships” in the tumblr world are the most talked about in the book, movie and television world. So today here are my top 10 ships. 

10. Lena and Alex Lena-and-Alex-delirium-31247219-1134-752

So i don’t know what the officially ship name is for this couple but I was in love with their forbidden love. They were so new to the whole relationship thing, especially Lena because she grew up inside the walls where love was a disease. This couple is from the Delirium Series which I highly recommend to anyone who likes Dystopians. Lena and Alex were always the ship I wanted to be together because they cared about each other and always were thinking of their other half.

9. Everlark everlark_kiss_by_gryffindorandproud-d4w035i

The Hunger Games is now one of the biggest franchises of this time. When I read the books they weren’t as popular and I immediately shipped Peeta and Katniss together who eventually became known as Everlark. Peeta would always care for Katniss in a way that Gale never could, Peeta was desperately in love with her while Gale seemed to just have a need to not have Katniss end up with anyone else.

8. Sizzy BSEJschIAAE7NbL.jpg-large

Simon Lewis and Isabelle Lightwood are the nerd couple of The Mortal Instruments series. They are constantly rethinking everything about their very complicated relationship. If you can even call it that. They are always very serious with each other but Simon always knows how to comfort Isabelle when she is going through something difficult and all the Star Wars comments are hilarious!

7. Natch Hush-Hush-image-hush-hush-36156898-490-408

Hush hush series is one of my favourite supernatural related series especially since it is related to Angels and Nephilim just like in The Mortal Instruments. Natch was always so adorable and consisted of the characters Nora Grey and Patch Cipriano. Patch was just an amazing character that was very mysterious but also had his own sense of humour and a care for Nora which made me fall in love with him instantly. The two of them as a couple is one of the strongest ships I have ever seen and I keep going back a rereading parts of the series because I just love them so much!

6. Jessa images-3

The prequel to The Mortal Instruments Series, The Infernal Devices has one of the most heart wrenching love triangles of all time. I am not kidding it was so hard to pick just one of the two amazing boys for Tessa to end up with but I always liked Jem Carstairs because of his nature and the way he has to overcome his addiction to be with Tessa.

5. Fourtris fourandtris

Divergent has an amazing ship that has an amazing ship name to go with it. Fourtris consists of Tobias Eaton (Four) and Tris Prior. Divergent and Insurgent were amazing books that had a lot of feels and fluff relating to this ship which made it so easily loved by everyone. What I loved about this series is that there was no love triangle, instead they just had normal, or what seemed normal to them, relationship problems. Even though i didn’t like the third and final book Allegiant I still love the ship and the concept of the series.

4. Warnette ~Shatter_Me_¤Warnette_$Aaron_Warner_$Juliette_Ferrars_tumblr@odairey_*1

The Shatter Me Series had an amazing ship between a very unlikely couple. This ship was amazing because of how Warner acted around Juliette compared to everyone else and how he would do anything for her. There was one scene where he ran in terrified that something bad was happening to her and full on expressed his feelings in front of a group of people which isn’t like him at all. It was adorable!

3. Destiel Dean-Cas-dean-and-castiel-32351879-500-281

Oh where do I start on Destiel. For those of you who don’t know, Supernatural is one of the biggest fandoms on tumblr and has the most shipped couple that hasn’t become cannon yet. (see Hannah’s post for fangirl terms) Destiel is a gay ship between Dean Winchester and the angel Castiel. Everyone on tumblr knows that if you watch Supernatural you will ship Castiel. I even shipped them before I even started watching the show thats how popular they are. The actors, Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins know about the ship and the writers make jokes to the fans about the “couple”. Everyone is still hoping for the day that Destiel will finally become cannon.

2. Haugustus tfios-movie-still-hazel-gus

The Fault in Our Stars is taking over the world so it only seems to make sense that Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters are one of my favourite couples at the moment. Their love story was so loving and tragic and the book was beautifully written by John Green. It is a cancer story that isn’t about cancer.

1. Clace JaceandClary.OfficalStill

Clace is my OTP, they are my favourite ship of all time because The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare is my favourite series ever! Clace consists of Clary Fray and Jace Wayland, Morgenstern, Lightwood, Herondale, ya he has a lot of last names. Last names are VERY important in this series. If you have read the books you will understand. Anyways, in the movie, Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower brought this ship to life in the first movie. Unfortunately it didn’t do well but I’m hoping they can redeem themselves in the second movie City of Ashes.



3 thoughts on “Attack of the Fandoms: Top 10 Fictional Couples

  1. Ooooh, I loved this list! Jace and Clary have been one of my long time favorites, and I’m so happy that Simon and Isabella found each other. Still, I’d have to disagree with you about Jessa. Will is just so irresistible! 😀 But I don’t dislike Jem, but I lurrve Will.

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