Supernatural; The Bagelpocalypse

The Supernatural Fandom has been known to be a crazy bunch, and this recent fetish has etched that even further into my brain, but boy is it amazing.

In the latest news, the Supernatural fandom has gone crazy and has been putting bagels into every gif we have, which is a lot, and making a lot of bagel puns and jokes. Some of our favourites are…

The Kansas Renditions…

Carry on my wayward buuuuuun~

Coated up in cinnamoooon.

You know baked foods are the beeeeeest~

Don’t you fry no moreeee~

The Family Business…

Serving people, toasting things, the family bakery

The Castiel Puns…

Ever since Dean died, there’s a been a gaping, empty hole inside me

                       – Cas, bagel of the lord
More Cas Puns…
What’s the batter? … You don’t think you deserve to be baked.
                       -Cas, bagel of the lord
The Bible Refrences…
And on the third week god said “Let there be bagels”
Among with many more Bagel related jokes and witty comments. But the fandom did not stop at bagels, no, they went to gifs too.
(They are in the expansion!)

Bagel 1
Bagel 2



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