Cover Review: The Madmans Daughter by Megan Shepard

This book has been sitting on my bedside table since March just waiting for me to pick it up and read it, and yet I continue to postpone it because other books come to my mind first. The covers, in my opinion, are absolutely gorgeous and truly captivate (what I hope is) the essence of the book.

Look ar just how gorgeous that cover is! The one issue I have with the covers is that I own the sequel in that series, and they don’t match up, the covers look the same and everything, but The Madmans Daughter is shiny and shorter than Her Dark Curiosity, and Her Dark Curiosity has deckled edges, is matte and is taller. I just can’t take it! Note to publishing companies, please don’t do that to us fellow readers, it just hurts our hearts. Don’t even get me started on the fact that I have a series on my kobo and the jpegs. don’t line up for those easier, like seriously! It’s an e-book! Because of the cover I think that the book is going to have the main character, Juliet, is going to have a big decision. I think this because she is looking longingly at a mass of water, which many people, in historical times, looked to for guidance and help in life, as they believed there were gods of the elements. (Thank You Gr.6 Social Studies class!) Although I could be completely wrong and decisions may have no pertinence in this story. Anyway, I will keep this cover review short and simple, and I hope you all are designing your own catastrophe’s.

Here is a link to the goodreads page:

And Amazon, in case you want to buy the book:



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