How to Speak: Fangirl

If you are new to the world of fangirling, or are even unsure of what the word means, then this is the blog post you should be reading!

The world of fangirling is a complex one, where fandoms meet girls (and boys) who stay up to late reading, watching TV, and going on tumblr and wake up too early and drink too much caffeine. But golly’ is it fun. Anyway, this post is going to teach you how to understand the lingo that has been fangirl and the tumblr insanity that has overtaken the next generation.

Lets start with the basics…

Fandom: [derived from: fanatic kingdom] Meaning a group of people who feel passionately about a certain form of entertainment or activity. {e.g.. The Supernatural Fandom is a group of people who thoroughly enjoy the show Supernatural and consider them selves devoted fans}

Fangirl: A specific gender of people in a fandom; {for example the One Direction Fandom is compiled of mainly fangirls}

OTP: [short form for: One True Pairing] One True Pairing meaning the couple (or made up couple) that you most wish to become a reality. {e.g.. in the Supernatural fandom many people classify Desitel (Dean and Castiel) as their OTP}

Cannon: An OTP but they are actually a couple in a TV show or book series. {for example: Clace, from The Mortal Instruments is an actual couple that people classify as their OTP, making them a Cannon}

Ship: A ‘relationship‘ that people want to happen, but would not classify them as their OTP, {for example: Everlark, from The Hunger Games (a couple of Peeta and Katniss), people want them to be in a relationship, but they would much rather see Destiel from Supernatural become a couple}

Cosplay: [derived from: costume roleplay] Is comparable to when people dress up at Halloween, but fangirls, do it more often {for example: people dress up as characters from the Avengers at ComicCon}

Let me know if you want any definitions of other commonly used fangirl words, it can be a complex world, and I understand that you may need guidance to navigate it! Anyway we just started with the basics today, but if you want any other definitions let me know…

Anyway, keep designing your own catastrophe.



2 thoughts on “How to Speak: Fangirl

  1. Very helpful for one (me) who has just been introduced to the world of fangirling. I’m curious though. Did the official term fangirl come from Rainbow Rowell’s book Fangirl? Thanks.

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