Cover Review: The Program

This book was recommended to me by Hannah and I really have to read it soon but my list is just so long and with City of Heavenly Fire out I know I won’t be able to read anything until I finish! So I was looking at the cover for this and decided to do my cover review on The Program by Suzanne Young. Here is the cover:


The program, from what I understand is about a suicide epidemic that is forcing the government to create something called the program. The idea of this story just seems so interesting especially because suicide is such a popular issue with teens in this time. This cover is wonderfully done because of the contrast to the white, plain walls to the bright yellow of their suits maybe hinting that something is hidden within them? I also think that everything is white because the government in all the dystopian books coming out these days are always trying to promote themselves as being the cure to everything. Therefore everything has to be perfect to the last detail but it is always flawed in some way. The boy and the girl on the front are holding hands so their is obviously some sort of history between them or maybe they meet in the program and fall in love. Either way I can’t wait to an emotional love story! Have you read the program? Let me know what you thought below or if you haven’t are you going to read it?

Here is the link to the goodreads book page: The Program by Suzanne Young

Happy Reading!

Jordan πŸ™‚


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