Quote of the Week

Quotes, O’ how they can dictate your beliefs, modify your religion or decide your fate on an English Exam. They are truly powerful forms of language, and I am here to write about them for you, our little niche of readers in the virtual world! And how I love all of you that read our posts and check back everyday for updates, it really makes me happy that you guys can care about what two 16 year old girls have to say, no matter how crazy it is.

Anyway, the quote I bring to talk to you guys about yet again is from my favourite Italian Renaissance Polymath, Leonardo da Vinci.

Art is never finished, only abandoned.

               Leonardo da Vinci

I really enjoy this quote because it reminds me about books. Books are an art form, and some are brutally abandoned, while others lead you into a quiet death of characters or a spectacular ending. Books can make or break my day, usually I prefer to have them make my day, but you never know. This reminds me of the books that I wish I wrote the ending to, basically because I didn’t like the ending (I am talking to you Allegiant!). This quote also reminds me to continue to pursue something until, in my mind, it is finished, or ready to be left. Like when you fill up a whole journal with your writings, and then you realize that it is time for a new one, you abandoned the old journal and moved on to a new book in your life, one with more space for your writings now. It also lets me see the flaws that are often overlooked in art, take paintings for instance, the artist could have added more or made corrections until the sun set for good, but they decided that the flaws and the bumps in the painting were beautiful. It lets me appreciate beauty for what it is, just beauty, it is not perfection or flawless. But flaws are to be cherished. Which really reminds me of the song, “Flaws” by Bastille. Here is a link to that song if you want to check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1E36WU9Wzf4

Just check it out, it is beautiful (along with the rest of their music). I hope that quotes inspire you guys as much as they inspire me, and keep on designing your own catastrophe…



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