Fandom News: Crackpot COHF Theories

The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare is one of my favourite series of all time, just ask anyone! Its amazingly written, has strong characters and is hilarious! With the last instalment of the series releasing in just 6 days, I decided to tell you guys some of my crackpot theories that I think will happen in the 722 pages of this book! Warning! If you have not read The Mortal Instruments City of Lost Souls there will be some spoilers so beware!Β 

Many different snippets have been released throughout the last few months as well as drawings by Cassandra Jean and answers Cassie has answered on Twitter and Tumblr. But lets start with the basics and talk about the cover…


The cover features Clary and her evil brother Jonathan or as everyone else calls him Sebastian. There is a very deep contrast of colours between the two siblings showing the evil side of Seb and the pure side of Clary. I am quite concerned though because Clary is dressed in white, and you may be wondering why thats a bad thing. Well in the shadow world, white is the colour of mourning not of marriage, which in the shadow world is gold. There is also fire all over the cover so it must be speaking about Jace’s heavenly fire inside of him and maybe thats how Jace kills Seb? Seb also appears to have black wings which makes sense because he is part demon. There are also rumours that Clary finds a way to travel through realms, demon realms to find a cure for Jace or a way to stop her brother.

Another thing that has been driving me mad with wonder is who is going to live and who is going to die! Cassie stated that 6 characters die and three of them are main characters, I’m not sure who Cassie considers “main characters” but if it is only the 6 – Clary, Jace, Simon, Isabelle, Alec, and Magnus – she could technically kill of one person from each ship. I don’t think Casssie will be that cruel but it is her book and she has be known to kill off major characters before (Max). She has also said that one character dies fairly early on in the book, I don’t know if she means a major character or just a character but I really hope its not Jordan or Maia if its a minor.

Cassie also said that there will be two weddings, kinda, so I am assuming one is the marriage of Jocelyn and Luke considering they have been planning it for a while before it was postponed when Jace went missing and Clary went into like another world not eating or sleeping. Β They really do need each other to survive, which is why i also think that Clary and Jace maybe exchange runes but not actually have a ceremony. Possibly before they go into the final battle because they know they want to declare their love even if they die.

Magnus and Alec are also a huge part of this book because of their heart-wrenching break up that happened on the page we violently deny…page 511. A lot of the snippets had to do with Alec calling Magnus over and over, or Magnus being broken up about Alec and Simon saying that Magnus should take Alec back. I have a feeling that Alec will say something to Magnus about how he must not love him enough to give up his immortal life but then Magnus finally realizes that he would give it all up for him so he gives up his immortality but then dies. Thats a worse case scenario but it could happen.

There is also this picture that Cassandra Jean wrote that she said is a real scene in the book, very intense and eek!

tumblr_n3j1lws8if1r3oy4vo1_500They have only underwear on! and why are they in a cave? I guess we will find out! but i have a feeling that a lot of the book will be Jace wanting to touch Clary because they were close to going all the way in the last book but now they can’t because of Jace’s heavenly fire. It was said that Jordan is a major part in helping out with Jace and his heavenly problem so maybe Jordan put them in water to see if that would cool him down enough to tough Clary in an more intimate way. I also can’t wait to see Jocelyn’s reaction to all this stuff!

And finally, I want to talk about Jem and Tessa. * DON”T READ THIS PARAGRAPH IF YOU HAVEN’T FINISHED THE INFERNAL DEVICES SERIES! * They are supposed to make an appearance in the book and I have a feeling that Jace and Clary somehow help Jem become healthy enough to leave the silent brothers like Jem explained to Tessa in the epilogue of Clockwork Princess. I also think that Tessa somehow helps Clary with her powers of drawing runes because a rune that was mentioned in the first book very briefly before Clary learned how to draw runes was mentioned again in one of the snippets. I think it might possibly be a rune to the entrance to the other realms like i mentioned earlier because they were trying to escape from the vampires at Hotel Dumort so it would be a way out. The worst way out ever but still!

So those are some of my crackpot theories, for City of Heavenly Fire! What do you guys think? They can be as weird and out of the blue as mine or something as simple as i think ___ will die….. let me know what you guys think!

Keep on Fangirling!

Jordan πŸ™‚



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