Cover Review: More Than This by Patrick Ness

Being a paperback lover by nature, it is hard for me to justify buying a book in hardcover, but More Than This by Patrick Ness is just one of few exceptions. This book caught my eye in the Chapters Jordan and I go to with frequency, not only because of the fact that it was recommended to me by someone who works there, but the fact that the covers design instantly caught my attention and I knew I had to own it. The cover of this just enthralled me and I was drawn in to it by the magic of the book store, which is a truly lovely place for everything but your bank account. The book looks like this…



This isn’t my picture but you get the idea; anyway, the book depicts an intricate crossing pattern with a black background and a white line with a door that opens to the cover and a bright yellow background. The door, in my opinion symbolizes the death of the main character, which is what the whole book starts with. And yellow, surprisingly, symbolizes death and old age, which would explain why he would pass through the door and into the sea of yellow. I hope I love this book as much as I love this book cover, and that I love Patrick Ness’ work as much as I expect I will.

Surprisingly writing these calms me, maybe because it is my small form of rebellion by people telling us that we can’t judge ย a book by its cover, because I know that it’s the first thing I do when I walk into a book store.



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