Fandom News: Supernatural Season 9 Finale

Now, despite the fact that I have yet to catch up on Supernatural (still on season 8) I am ecstatic about the finale, and yet sad at the same time. One of the reasons I am so excited is that many people seem to think that Destiel (Castiel and Dean) will kiss somehow in the finale. Which everyone knows would be one of the largest moments in the history of the Supernatural fandom. I have also read from a few sources that Jim Beaver, Bobby Singer,  may be returning for the finale, which I am skeptical about because he died (and then came back and died again a few times) but the last time (to the best of my knowledge) that we have seen of him is when they burned his flask in season 7, after he became a ghost because Dick Roman shot him. But you never know with Supernatural!

There have also been rumours that Misha Collins will return as a regular for season 10, which is ridiculously exciting because we can all use a little more Castiel in our lives. Many people also think that Tessa, the Reaper, will make an appearance in the episode, which I think is highly likely, because Dean and Sam are dying all the time, and then coming back to life of course. It has also been rumored that CW wants to run a Supernatural: Bloodlines show as a spin-off to Supernatural, which is pretty exciting as well. That and many more rumours have been circulating the Supernatural fandom, have you guys heard anything exciting about what may happen in the finale? If yes, please comment below! I would love to hear all of your thoughts! Anyway, continue to design your own catastrophe and hang on until Tuesday for “Carry on my Wayward Son.” I will leave you with a link to the song just to get the feel started…

And I will leave you with this clip too because it is amazing and I (along with Jordan) watch it on repeat…



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