Quote of the Week

Quotes can inspire us and challenge us to change something in our lives, usually I find those in books, being the bibliophile that I am. And because it all started with Potter, many of the quotes that I will be posting here come from that series, in particular Albus Dumbledore. And so, let us commence the segment today with a quote from non other than Dumbledore himself…

It does not do to dwell on dreams, and forget to live.

This quote holds a particular special place in my heart as it deals with living in general, something that I think my generation can lack in quite often. We spend too much time behind a computer screen and forget to go out and explore our amazing planet, and might I mention that it is the only one we have found that has the ability to sustain life. Which, I think is pretty amazing. Also it pertains importance to people of all ages as it tells us the opposite of what society often does, that we can’t always focus on our dreams without forgetting the amazing life that surrounds us each day. Society tells us (cough… Tumblr) that we have to focus on our dreams, but I think something has to be said about both sides of the argument. We have to aspire to become something, but at the same time we have to appreciate what we have been given and grab opportunity by the balls when it presents itself. And as one of my favourite Passenger songs states, Life is for the Living, so I encourage all of you reading this, and all those who are not, to go and live, live each day like it might just be your last. Read until your eyes hurt, sweat until you thirst, sleep until you are rejuvenated, eat until you are full and live until you feel ready to die. Life is precious, and this simple quote from my favourite childhood books has helped me realize this. Life is an opportunity that many of us take for granted, and I vow to never take it for granted again.

Here is a link to that song by Passenger (which is amazing so I encourage all of you to listen to it, and for that matter just the whole album really…) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nl2GwLtMX7s

And remember, design your own catastrophe….



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