Attack of the Fandoms

Its Fandom Day! A day where we get to fangirl about all the top fandoms! Today we will be talking about The Fault In Our Stars. Now if you haven’t read or at least heard of this book where have you been? Its the most popular young adult novel right now and for that reason it is being made into a movie which is being released in theatres on June 6th! Its coming up guys!

The Fault in Our Stars is a romance novel about two teens with cancer, its a tragic love story that John Green portrays brilliantly! The movie is being brought to life by actors Shailene Woodley as Hazel Grace, Ansel Elgort as Augustus Waters and Nat Wolff as Isaac. You may know Shai and Ansel from the movie Divergent where they were brother and sister (Tris and Caleb Prior).

Anyways, with the movie coming up, the actors have been doing many appearances including being on the cover of Entertainment magazine! Check out the Cover: IMG_0743

They also had an article that featured many pictures from the photo shoot they did for Entertainment, here are some of the photos!

Don’t they look amazing? I can’t wait for the movie and I know I will need to bring a whole box of tissues to make it through the whole two hours! The feels are just too much! Are you looking forward to TFIOS on June 6th? Let me know in the comments! Okay?



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