Cover Review: The Forsaken by Lisa M Stasse

Okay, so the whole idea of a Cover Review is to know little about the book and judge it based solely on appearance, sounds a lot like society huh?

Anyway, we thought it would be a fun way to incorporate the covers of books into a review, because it is the first thing you see on a shelf. So today I decided to write a Cover Review about a book I am particularly excited to read, The Forsaken! And of those who don’t know, this whole series has gorgeous covers, which may or may not be why I wanted to talk about it!

So there is the cover, gorgeous right!

I personally love the way they incorporated the multicolour aspect into this book cover, especially with the dark background. The image in the girls head looks like there might be some sort of surveillance among people and dealing with the title “The Forsaken,” it does not sound like a good thing. Also the dots connecting the multicolour lines look to me like the device that Professor X uses in X-Men to track Mutants around the world, so maybe the book is about finding people with certain abilities, or they are going against something, like the government or a certain organization. The book also looks like it follows the life of a young girl, as it is a YA novel, and it features a silhouette of a girl’s head on the cover. Just guesstimating though. Anyway, I hope I got all of you as excited as I am to read this book!

And here is the link to the books Goodreads page, in case you want to check it out…

And the link to the book on Amazon, in case you decide to buy it…

And remember, design your own catastrophe today okay?


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